Today (June 8th) on the Main Stage

The Western Early Keyboard Association (WEKA) and MusicSources in collaboration with the Berkeley Festival and The San Francisco Early Music Society present a special tribute to one of Early Music’s greatest pioneers. This event will be hosted by Lisa Goode Crawford and will feature prominent American disciples of Gustav Leonhardt in solo harpsichord performances and a special performance of the Trio Sonata from the Musical Offering.
Reception to follow.
ARTISTS BIOS: Linda Burman-Hall, Lisa Goode Crawford, Jillon Stoppels Dupree, Elaine Funaro, JungHae Kim, Tamara Loring, Lenora McCroskey, Charlotte Mattax Moersch, Elaine Thornburgh, Webb Wiggins, Elisabeth Wright, harpsichord; with Stephen Schultz, flute; Anthony Martin, violin; Joshua Lee, viola da gamba
510-528-1685, or for advance ticket sales

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Haydn in America—The Moravian Heritage

The Moravian Brotherhood, persecuted descendants of 15th-century Czech religious dissidents, brought a rich musical culture to pre-Revolutionary America. The Moravian Music Foundation archive in Bethlehem and Winston-Salem catalogue thousands of musical works, for use in religious services and also for playing at home and in the Collegia Musica that were part of the settlements’ social life into the 19th century. Some of this music was composed by Moravian musicians themselves and some collected or copied from European sources. This program highlights Haydn Quartets performed from copies of handwritten parts or early editions brought by Moravian musicians to America in the 18th century. A talk and an exhibition on the history and influence of the Moravian communities in America accompany the concert.

Kati Kyme & Lisa Weiss, violins; Anthony Martin, viola; William Skeen, cello
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AMERICAN BACH SOLOISTS, Jeffrey Thomas, music director

A Tribute to Laurette Goldberg

An evening of works featuring J.S. Bach’s Trauerode: Laβ, Fürstin, laβ noch einen Strahl; a musical ode written at the request of the Leipzig University and dedicated to Christiane Eberhardine, Electress of Saxony and a personal friend of Bach himself. The concert also includes Bach’s most engaging double-chorus motets, Singet dem Herrn and Fürchte dich nicht; large-scale motets of this type were regularly composed to honor and memorialize the lives of significant and important individuals.
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Today (June 8th) on EMA Young Performers Festiva

Case Western Reserve University Baroque Ensemble and Collegium Musicum, coached by Julie Andrijeski and Debra Nagy

Milk and Honey: Sumptuous Music of the Seventeenth Century
The Case Collegium and Baroque Ensemble present sensuous love songs, erotic sacred texts and twisted lullabies full of quixotic blends of sweetness, anxiety, optimism, and even violence—what could be more enticing? Both well-known and newly rediscovered works for instruments and voices from the seventeenth century by Tarquinio Merula, Heinrich Biber, Giovanni Sances, Claudio Monteverdi, and more.
11 AM, ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Tickets available at the door for a donation (No advance sales.)

University of Southern California Thornton Baroque Sinfonia, directed by Adam Gilbert

Ars longa, vita brevis or Only the Good Die Young: Music from the Thirty Years War
The USC program features works by composers affected by the disastrous circumstances surrounding the Thirty Years War. It includes compositions by Johannes Vierdanck, Giovanni Antonio Rigatti, and Dario Castello, whose lives were cut short by fever during the mid-seventeenth century. Performers include eight singers, continuo, three violins and winds. As interludes, instruments will perform improvisations on grounds in seventeenth-century style.
2:30 PM, ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Tickets available at the door for a donation (No advance sales.)


Today (June 8th) on the Fringe

The Albany Consort
Exploring a Famous 18th Century Bass Pattern
t was set by more than 150 composers including Beethoven and Paganini and composers today still find it fascinating. The earliest reference to the Folia we know is in a 1577 treatise and older versions date back even further. Our program features Geminiani’s technicolor orchestration of Corelli’s La Folia. We also include Folias from The Division Violin and The Division Flute, the Folia from Bach’s Peasant Cantata, Folias by Vivaldi and a harpsichord Folia by d’Anglebert.
: Jonathan Salzedo, Marion Rubinstein, directors
Laura Rubinstein-Salzedo, Natalie Carducci, Tyler Lewis, Ondine Young violins; Clio Tilton, Vijay Chalasani violas; Laura Gaynon cello; Millie Martin double bass
University Lutheran Chapel (ULC)
2425 College (at Haste)
Tickets: $10-$25
Information:, consort@albanyconsort.comor call 408.480.0182

Elizabeth CD Brown, baroque guitar
The World of the Baroque Guitar
From the Mediterranean to the British Isles and Africa, the music of the baroque guitar reflects the amazing bounty of cultural interchange across, and beyond, Europe in the 17th and 18th Centuries.  Acclaimed Seattle-based baroque guitarist Elizabeth CD Brown will provide this musical tour, featuring works by Sanz, Corbetta, Purcell, Jacquet de la Guerre and de Murcia, and from Playford’s Dancing Master.
12:00PM (noon)
St. Joseph of Arimathea Chapel (STJ)
2543 Durant Street near Bowditch
Tickets: $10 General, $8 Students, Seniors, SFEMS, EMA
Information:, or call 206-595-7193

Flauti Diversi
Boismortier! The Complete Opus 37 Trio Sonatas
Flauti Diversi presents a program of the complete trio sonatas from Joseph Bodin de Boismortier’s Opus 37 (1732), a Parisian collection of charming works displaying Boismortier’s unique style of composition, which was an amalgam combining French elegance with fiery Italian figuration in the Allegros and Vivaces and aria-like melodies in the Largos and Adagios. He was very specific in his orchestration featuring flute, viol and chamber organ together. Contemporary controversy pitted French against Italian for supremacy of musical style; the melding of the two styles in his work illustrates his musical world view.
FLAUTI DIVERSI BIOS: Frances Feldon, traverso; David Morris, viola da gamba; Katherine Heater, chamber organ
12:00PM (noon)
Trinity Chapel (TRIN): 2320 Dana (at Durant)
Tickets: $15 general; $10 SFEMS/ARS/EMA/seniors/students
Information: or call 510.527.9029
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Hallifax & Jeffrey with Lynn Tetenbaum
“The Lawes Lyra Trios and other pieces for Lyra Viols”
The cornerstones of the concert are the lovely lyra viol trios of William Lawes.  We will also play a fantasia for 3 lyra viols and duos and solos by Alfonso Ferrabosco II.
This rarely heard repertoire, for 2 and 3 equal viols in unusual tunings was written by and for the highly regarded viol players of the Jacobean and Caroline courts.   William Lawes’ remarkable pieces are the high point of what survives of the repertoire, most of which was lost during the Commonwealth.
HALLIFAX & JEFFREY BIOS: Peter Hallifax, Julie Jeffrey, and Lynn Tetenbaum, viols
12:00PM (noon)
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church/Parish Hall (STM)
Tickets: Door: $15 General, $13 SFEMS/Seniors/Students (online $3 discount)
Online (note the discount!!!):
Information:, or call 510.220.1195

Driftwood Consort
Bach’s Voices
Driftwood Consort presents its inaugural Berkeley concert! “Bach’s Voices” with Sheila Willey (soprano) features works by Johann Sebastian Bach for small ensemble. Our program highlights arias from Bach’s passions and oratorio written for Easter, interspersed with instrumentals, and finishing off with a visit to Zimmermann’s coffee house.
DRIFTWOOD CONSORT BIOS: Lars Johannesson & Alissa Roedig, directors
Sheila Willey, soprano soloist, with viola da gambist Amy Brodo, Lars Johannesson and Alissa Roedig on baroque flutes, and harpsichordist Jonathan Rhodes Lee.
Trinity Chapel (TRIN): 2320 Dana (at Durant)
Tickets: $15 general, $5 youth.

Kathleen Kraft & Friends
Elegant French Dance: Suite, Partita, Sonata
Well-known Baroque flutist, Kathleen Kraft, will explore the variety of 18th century French dance music: Boismortier: Suite in e minor; J.S. Bach: Partita in a minor (BWV 1013); J.M. LeClair: Sonata II in G Major, Second Livres de Sonates.  She will be joined by harpsichordist Phebe Craig and cellist Barbara Blaker Krumdieck.
ENSEMBLE BIOS: Kathleen Kraft, traverso; Phebe Craig, harpsichord; Barbara Blaker Krumdieck, cello
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church—Parish Hall (STMP): 2300 Bancroft Way.
Tickets: $15 general, $10 SFEMS members, students, seniors and disabled
Information: or call 707.799.2018.

L’amour regne!
Please join these Boston-based friends for an afternoon of 18th-century French airs, cantatas, and solos for both harpsichord and viol. The program will feature works by French baroque masters Bernier, Clerambault, Rameau, and others, in which love triumphs over all!
ENSEMBLE MEMBERS BIOS: Claire Raphaelson, soprano; Julia Cavallaro, mezzo-soprano; Rebekah Ahrendt, viola da gamba; Matthew Hall, harpsichord
St. Clementís Episcopal Church (STC): 2837 Claremont Blvd
Tickets: $15 general, $10 SFEMS members, students, seniors

Owen Daly, harpsichord
Solo Harpsichord Works by Forqueray and Duphly
Harpsichord maker Owen Daly performs solo harpsichord music: the first suite of harpsichord pieces by Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Forqueray (le Fils), consisting of transcriptions he published in 1747 of viola da gamba pieces by his father Antoine Forqueray (le Père). This is followed by Jacques Duphly’s suite in A from the first book of his Pieces de Clavecin, published in 1744.
The instrument, after the c. 1749 Jean-Claude Goujon, is Daly’s only 18th-century French double, made in 1984. It has recently enjoyed a complete interior redecoration by San Francisco artist Adrian Card, new jacks, real quill, and the first “iron” harpsichord wire in our time based upon analyses of surviving historical samples.
St. Joseph of Arimathea Chapel (STJ): 2543 Durant Street near Bowditch
Tickets: $15, $10 Seniors